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Every child has, at the moment of birth, a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo Da Vinci ever used, say leading Scientists of the World .
This genius of the child can be unlocked through a proven set of teaching methodologies from 6 months of age.
Kaushalya's unique teaching methodology involves development of both the left and the right brain of the child. Using path breaking techniques, we have produced truly astounding results (videos in the last 5 years). Click here to view Videos
Numerous authors and psychologists agree that the human brain gets hard-wired by age 6.  After this age it is quite difficult to infuse new paradigms of behaviour and natural response.
5-Level approach - Preschooling (Tier-1)

We have taken cognizance of this and adopted a 5-level approach to preschooling:

Infancy / Mother-Toddler   6 months upwards   PP 1   3-4 years
Play School   18 months upwards   PP 2   4-5 years
Nursery   30 months upwards        

You can pick from various batches in different time slots.  Each batch is conducted under the able guidance of teachers trained specially at our own Teacher Training Centre.

Primary Schooling (Tier-2)

After preschool you will have the option of sending your child to our tier-2 facility (classes 1 to 5) at Road No. 10, Banjara Hills.  The  specially designed curriculum at our primary school is consistent with latest international educational trends and is also in line with the CBSE pattern.  Our tier-2 facility is manned by eminent educationists with vast experience.

Senior Schooling (Tier-3)

We have tied up with Niraj International School, Kandlakoya, Hyderabad for seamless transfer of our students to their school for education up to 12th standard.  This school is situated on the Medchal Highway, after Dhol-ari-dhani and has pick up facility from anywhere in the city.  Seamless transfer means that there is no admission fee or entrance test for our students.  You can also take admission at any level from I to VI class.  Parents need to only have a formal interview with the principal.

This school has International Baccalaureate and CBSE affiliations.  They are equipped with all the world class facilities like Cricket ground, Well equipped library, Wifi connectivity, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Amphi Theatre, Multi media system wired class rooms, Audio and video lab, Swimming pool, Base ball court, Tennis court, Elevated jogging track, Instrumental music room, Dance room, Outdoor and Indoor games facilities, Fine Arts and Painting studio etc. They have a full-fledged resource room and a special educator (Ph.D.) to handle students with learning difficulties and special children


All through this continuum, we help unfold your child,s multiple intelligence through a complete schooling experience, covering not just academic education but also yoga, music, dance, drama, painting, presentation skills, etiquettes, communication skills, personal grooming, public speaking, memory, concentration, Indian culture, values and much more.

This is why we call our preschools as CFNG - CENTRE FOR NURTURIING GENIUS.
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How the child’s Brain develops
Numerous authors and psychologists agree that the human brain gets hardwired by age 6. After this age it is quite difficult to infuse new paradigms

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Inner & outer development
Distinguished Nobel Laureate, Roger Sperry, has done extensive work on the whole brain theory.
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