In any School anywhere, you will find only 10% children to be ACADEMICALLY BRILLIANT. At Kaushalya, you will find 100% of the Children ACADEMICALLY BRILLIANT.

There are 3 distinguishing characteristics of ACADEMICALLY BRILLIANT children , which differentiate them from the average performers.
  • Brilliant students Read Better - View
  • Brilliant students do Math Better - View
  • Brilliant students have encyclopedic General Knowledge - View

All our Children have these key qualities of Brilliance!!!

These qualities are an integral part of our curriculum and are instilled in our children right from Infancy / Play Group.

Complete Brain Development

The fact is. any Child can be made brilliant in the first 6 years. There are 3 critical differences between brilliant and average children.

Academic Excellence

  • Brilliant children read better
  • Brilliant children do math better
  • Brlliant children have more encyclopedic knowledge To this end. Kaushalya Global employs the unique brain development methodology created by the legendary American scientist Glenn Domain at all it's preschool CFNGs, We also encourage the parents to partner with us in maximizing the child's IQ

As a result, Kaushalya Children can

  • Read at 12 months
  • Do math at 18 months
  • Identify flags of 100 countries at 24 months
  • Do gymnastics at 36 months
  • Play chess at 48 months
  • Tell the Capital. language. currency and religion of all the countries at 60 months

Other Features

  • Parenting Education
  • Air Conditioned Premises
  • Gymnastics & Brachiation
  • Music and Dance
  • Teacher student ratio 1:10 Pre primary. 1:15 Primary onwards
  • Internationally integrated syllabus
  • Day care (8 am - 8 pm)
  • Transport
  • Only 20 children per class